Learn the secrets of your genes

DNA Talent Test


Reveal the talents and abilities hidden in your DNA!

Could you be the next naturally gifted artist or musician? How about a sporting superstar or scientist? Unlock your potential by unlocking the secrets in your genes.

Take this test to discover:

  • Your physical, mental and intellectual predispositions
  • Which activities and professions could be your most successful
  • What potential talents you haven’t yet tapped into
  • How your genes affect your personality

Product Description

Developed by some of the world’s leading geneticists, scientists and doctors, this test heralds the most innovative and advanced approach to DNA testing. It will reveal unknown talents, skills, interests and aptitudes that you haven’t yet made the most of.

It will unlock your full physical, mental and intellectual potential, knowledge which you can then use to overcome any weaknesses by choosing the right path of training, learning and support. This makes your future success in your chosen hobby or career very bright indeed!

This test looks at the genes that influence the neurotransmitters and proteins that affect brain function and personality, revealing how well you react in academic or stressful situations. It also looks at the genes that control the metabolism of the proteins which ultimately contribute to muscle strength and structure, dictating how good you are in certain sporting activities.

Discover what potential talents you might have and what your future career prospects hold with the Genesis DNA, Talent DNA Test!

State-of-the-art DNA testing using the most advanced scientific technologies – test includes ACTN3, OXTR, WWC1, BDNF, COMT and PPARGC1A genes.

None of our DNA tests deal with inherited life-threatening diseases such as the risk of various cancers, Alzheimer’s, etc. We focus our tests only on areas where we, with proper counselling, could change our existence positively and thereby achieve a stronger, longer and more quality-filled life.