Learn the secrets of your genes

Comprehensive DNA Test for Men


Unlock the secrets to your heart health and general wellness!
This DNA test looks at the genes responsible for overall male health, wellness and vitality.

  • Look after the health of your heart
  • Reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and strokes
  • Make changes to your diet to help manage your weight
  • Be motivated in work and relationships
  • Manage stress
  • Use the right exercise to strengthen your body
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Product Description

For many men, the worry of heart disease and not staying in shape is very real, especially as we get older. Often, a family history of cardiovascular disease, strokes and atherosclerosis can make this worry even greater.

But whilst our worries and concerns might be similar, the way our genes control our everyday health are completely individual.

So that’s why we developed our Comprehensive DNA Test for Men. It looks at the genes associated with heart health so that we can advise individualised changes to your diet and lifestyle to help care for the health of your heart, based on your personal results. We can also advise of any further tests that you may want to discuss with your GP.

Your test results can help you change your diet, lose weight and discover which type of physical activity is best to help strengthen your body. They can also help with changing how you use your temperament and manage stress, motivating you to a stronger and healthier relationship with your heart and body.

Balance your health, embrace prevention and enjoy a longer, healthier life with the Comprehensive DNA Test for Men from Genesis DNA!

State-of-the-art DNA testing using the most advanced scientific technologies – test includes CDKN2B-AS1 (three markers), LPL, SELE, FTO, TFAP2B, SOD2, ACTN3, COMT genes.

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None of our DNA tests deal with inherited life-threatening diseases such as the risk of various cancers, Alzheimer’s, etc. We focus our tests only on areas where we, with proper counselling, could change our existence positively and thereby achieve a stronger, longer and more quality-filled life.


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