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Wellbeing – Individualised health & wellbeing care

Hands up who wants to live their best life ever? Most of us, right? And whilst we can’t promise fame, riches and immortality, we can help you live the lifestyle that will help you feel at your healthiest. These days, it’s well understood that there is no one size fits all answer to the elixir of life.

We all respond differently to different diets, lifestyles and activity levels. These differences lie in our genetic makeup, which makes us all completely unique.

At Genesis DNA, we can look at the specific genes that can tell you why you’re not losing weight despite trying, why you’re losing your hair, why you manage to catch every cold bug going, what food intolerances you might have and what your genes can tell you about your cardiovascular health. But not only that, with each test, we provide practical and actionable suggestions as to how you could be doing things differently, according to what it says in your genes.

We can help you revitalise your skin, deal with stress and relationships better, eat and exercise your way to health, boost your immunity and look after heart. We don’t look for genes that will tell you if you have for example, a certain cancer gene. Instead, we believe that genetic testing should result in advice that leads to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

So, trust in Genesis DNA to help you achieve your best life!

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