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Relationships – Build healthy & long-lasting relationships

There’s no doubt about it, living a life full of healthy and fulfilling relationships is a pleasant one. Be relationships with your family, friends, partners, colleagues or neighbours are simpler if these relationships are smooth. How you slot into these relationships, and how you view the world on a day to day basis is dictated by your genetic makeup.

That’s why we’ve developed state-of-the-art genetic tests along with genetic experts, to look at the gene markers for personality and how your brain biochemistry might affect how you build relationships with other people. We are all unique, and one person’s outlook on the world will be completely different to the next.

How you deal with stress also plays a part in how you build up (or break down) relationships so we’ve also developed DNA tests that look at how you might deal with stress. From these tests, we’re able to suggest lifehacks that will enable you to deal with stress in a more positive way.

Our tests will also enable you to build better relationships at work, allowing you to further your career and forge ahead in a positive and successful way.

So, whatever the relationships, it will help to know how your genes are influencing the way you manage them. That way, you can consciously manage them in an entirely different way if you need to, and you may even find yourself getting on with the in-laws/boss/noisy neighbour!

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