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Motherhood – Take the right steps to prepare for motherhood

Many women like you, in today’s modern society want to do all they can to prepare for motherhood. Managing careers and relationships whilst still having a fulfilling personal life can be enough, without the pressure of requiring a body that will cope with the demands of pregnancy, child birth, breast feeding and beyond.

So that’s why we’ve developed out state-of-the-art Comprehensive DNA Test for Women. This test has been designed to look at the genes that help a woman prepare for motherhood. Because whilst many women’s challenges are the same, the way your genes dictate how you deal with them are very individual.

From your test results we can recommend positive lifestyle, diet and fitness changes that will enhance your life and help you be in the best shape for becoming a mother.

We’ve also developed a DNA test for babies and children that will help you determine the strength of their immune system and any allergies or food intolerances they may have. So that you can do all you can to help them with their best start in life.

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