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Career – Discover how to lead a professional & successful career

A successful career depends on many factors – how you did at school, whether you did further education, how much your parents might have pushed you, pure talent and lucky breaks. But underpinning your success in your chosen career is your genetic makeup.

Your genes hold the secrets to your talents, how your brain functions, how you deal with stress and even how athletic you are. If you’re determined to become a lawyer but your destiny is truly in the sports arena according to your genes, then you’re likely to become frustrated at ‘not being good enough’. Similarly, if you’re being pushed down the athletics track, but your genes have already decided that you’re more academic than sporty, then again, you’re heading for a fall. Possibly even quite literally.

Our state-of-the-art DNA tests have been designed by scientific experts to unlock your individual secrets to your talents, how you deal with stress and how you build relationships. All factors that are important for a successful career. Each one of us is unique with our own talents and individual responses to different lifestyle choices. So, your own best way of being successful at work, is as individual as your genes.

From your test results, we can determine your physical, mental and intellectual predispositions and suggest what activities and professions are right for you.

Let us reveal your hidden talents and how your genetics affects your personality – and they could well turn out to be the strongest points on your CV!

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