Learn the secrets of your genes

Learn the secrets of your genes
and live even better.



See how some of our users have benefited
from finding out the secrets of their DNA…

Genesis DNA tests provide a lot of information about our body, and thus increase our awareness of what’s happening in our lives. Not only do they inform how to live heather, they can also help prevent diseases. The Genesis DNA test is very simple to take and their knowledge base is phenomenal!

Laura Taylor – Wealth Marketing Manager

I do a lot of sport and I want to do it effectively and safely – knowledge is a must. I decided to do a test with Genesis DNA to examine my genes related to my performance and predisposition to sport. Taking a sample is very simple, and the results of the study are over forty pages long. 

Mike Wilson – Entrepreneur

Genetic tests allow us to understand ourselves. This is an instruction, manual, thanks to which we can create an individual and optimal nutritional scheme, and if necessary, choose the appropriate supplementation. We know how to counteract diseases and how to support their treatment with the diet. Everyone should do them. I am delighted I took Genesis DNA test which helped me to improve my work – life balance. 

Melania Ward – Head of Account Management

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We use hundreds of genetic sequences published by renowned worldwide laboratories to unlock the secrets of our customers genes. Instead of looking for markers of distressing diseases such as dementia or cancer, we prefer to look for genetic markers that can be turned into positive and effective lifestyle changes. Our DNA testing and advice allows people just like you to live the life they’ve always been destined to live. What health and wellbeing secrets will your genes reveal?!

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